Friday, December 24, 2010

The Bluethooth Headset Video Camera

It looks like a generic bluetooth head set and has it's own built in memory and battery.
The audio quality is excellent but I didn't want to irritate you with the ambient noise from my test.
This is an excellent tool to document abuse hands free.
I sell these for under $60.00

---Occupation UPDATE #OWS---

Ever since 9/11 and the NYC Republican Nation Convention I've been experiencing harassment from the "law". After being stopped and arrested by everyone from the F.B.I. to the NYPD for my photography, I began looking for a way to document the abuse.

This is how I stumbled upon these hidden video cameras. I thought that others would like these devices for there own protection, so I began a website to sell them. However, absent something like the recent mass protest, people did not appreciate the value of this type of device. Low sales lead me to shut the site down a few months ago.

But now I'm seriously considering a rebirth of the site in light of the recent protest and the aggressive police response. I know how important a video witness is and I believe many of you do too.

Aside from the bluetooth headset video camera (which is excellent because you can record your own arrest hands free), there's the keychain camera which looks like a regular car alarm remote, as well as small flashlight cameras with infrared light that records clear video in complete darkness, and then there's the video cameras that look like the 3rd generation iPod shuffle, clip it on and go.

And the great thing is that each of these innovative devices are available from me for well under $100.00, also the all will record for a minimum of 1.5 hrs continuously.

If anyone is really interested in one of these devices, you can email me at, I may even be down on Wall Street handing out cards soon.

The Keychain Camera

iPod Type Video Camera that also Plays MP3 Files

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